More than ... a bakery

Just after the Second World War, Max Jetzer took over the confectionery on Dornacherstrasse. His son Willy Jetzer continued the business as a fine bakery and introduced special innovations such as the popular Jetzer nut bread. In 2005, Gabriela Jetzer joined the business as the third generation and took over the management together with her husband Reinhold Messmer in 2010.

In addition to the business on Dornacherstrasse in Gundeli, where the goods are baked, we also converted the branch on Zürcherstrasse in Breite into a bakery with a café and restaurant. Convinced that this would close a gap and create a meeting point for the neighbourhood, the Breite branch now boasts a complete bakery-gastronomy concept. The success and gratitude of the neighbourhood shows us we made the right move. Monday to Friday we cook fresh lunch menus on site, and on Saturday and Sunday we offer fine breakfast variations. The premises are also available for private events in the evening. When can we have the pleasure of welcoming you as a guest?

Max and Helene Jetzer take over the confectionery at Dornacherstrasse 67, previously run by the H. MĂĽller-MĂĽller family


Bakery extension with larger oven and first walk-in cold storage and deep-freeze rooms


Willy joins the business as the second eldest son and completes a three-year apprenticeship as a confectioner

1965 – 1968

Purchase of a 200 kg spiral kneader (at the time a novelty in kneading technology, as less heat is generated during the kneading process) and a bread working machine

1970 – 1972

Verena Jetzer, Willy’s future wife, begins her three-year apprenticeship as a confectioner

1975 – 1978

Invention and marketing of the first nut bread and laying of the foundations for many more special breads


Takeover of the business by Willy and Verena Jetzer


Takeover of the U-Shop at the station and the shop at Zürcherstrasse 73 from René Armbruster


Acquisition of a convection baking chamber, making it possible to cover the necessary production following the takeover of two additional shops


The U-Shop at the station is relinquished due to the removal of the station underpass


Conversion of the sole proprietorship Feinbäckerei Jetzer into a limited liability company (LLC – Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, GmbH) and entry of the eldest daughter Gabriela into production following her economics degree


Acquisition of the bakery shop on Ackerstrasse from the Kohlbrenner bakery family


Entry of Reinhold Messmer into the bakery business


Major renovation and modernisation of the bakery, installation of new computer-controlled cooling systems, making it possible to break new ground in slow-rising doughs for specialisation in Jetzer’s bread expertise Takeover of the business by Gabriela and Reinhold


End of 2011 Relinquishment of the Ackerstrasse branch


Ongoing renovations of the kitchen, logistics, expansion of business areas at headquarters, acquisition of a bakery sales van


Acquisition of a second convection oven in order to be able to cover the increased production quantities as soon as possible before the shop opens


Conversion and expansion of the Breite branch into a bakery-gastronomy concept with open kitchen and introduction of seven-day operation


Start of the Flotte Flotte event business with sales van, Piaggio coffee mobile, Häussler wood oven


Complete conversion of the sales shop at headquarters on Dornacherstrasse


Jetzer goes online – new website, online shop, Facebook, Instagram


Renewal of the oven infrastructure, new waffle and ice cream station and counter modernised


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