Our partners

Cheese and butter

We get our cheese from Jumi, a family cheese dairy in Emmental. The brothers make the cheese and butter themselves from raw milk using traditional methods and inventive creativity. We offer various types of cheese and butter in our shops. We also get the cheese for our sandwiches and cheese pies from Jumi.

Coffee beans

We get our arabica coffee beans from the La Columbiana Rösterei roasting house in Gundeli. The Bologna blend for the espresso comes from the highlands of Central and South America. The Tasama blend for coffee offers striking nutty and chocolatey notes.


We get our flour from the traditional Mühlebach mill in Würenlingen. Mühlebach processes only high-quality Swiss grain without adding any additives. We also get the UrDinkel spelt flour from them. We are a certified UrDinkel bakery and offer numerous products made from pure UrDinkel flour.


We use homogenised organic milk from Lanz in our baked goods. We also sell this milk in our shops. They produce sustainable, ecologically sound and natural products with passion and skill.


All the eggs we use in the bakery are free-range eggs from Switzerland. We get them from Grossmatthof in Therwil, and also sell them in our shops.


We get the meat products for our menus and sandwiches from the Schulthess butchers in Basel. They are committed to transparent and appropriate animal husbandry and strive on a daily basis to deliver high-quality meat products without the use of flavour enhancers.


We use MSC-certified tuna from Argentina from the manufacturer Raimond Frères for our tuna sandwiches. The salmon for the canapés and the brunch plate come from the supplier Bianchi. RED Sockeye Wild Smoked Salmon is MSC-certified and caught in Canada.


Products such as chocolate rabbits are moulded by hand and only with first-class couverture from the Felchlin chocolate factory in Ibach-Schwyz. Quality, transparency and sustainability are Felchlin’s top priorities.